Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Obnoxiously Delicious
After the handbag buying frenzy at work (shout out to M and to the killer BergdorfGoodman.com sale and assorted other - I really shouldn’t be shopping drama, there’s no logical reason to shop - so of course I’m shopping.

Being a cheap-ass label whore of the highest order, I spotted these suckers (Gucci Flat Heel Boot in Rubber) despite the small-as-hell thumbnails on the Neiman Marcus site, essentially because they are super cheap (relatively speaking of course) and Gucci.

I love them and that love is concretized by knowing how fabulous they’ll ultimately look sitting on the absolutely-ridiculous, R has some horribly apt nickname for them, seriously I might have a real problem shelf next to my Pucci Moonboots.

Gucci Flat Heel Boot in Monogrammed Rubber
$250 at
Neiman Marcus

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sneaker Pimpin’ Aint Easy
So, I just got back from Italy last week and for some unnatural and somewhat undefined reason I only purchased one pair of shoes while I was there (for over 2 weeks!) and they’re sneakers. The haute Italian girls were all adorably sporting cowboy boots with their pegged Bermuda shorts – so cute but so not for me. More importantly everyone – I mean EVERYONE was rocking metallic trainers (apparently the Italians still cultivating a bling appreciation) and dang I’m a sucker for a shiny shoe. I felt a tad bit like a stoopid tourist – buying sneakers instead of stilettos in Italy, but I overcame my American consumerist embarrassment and purchased these ultra-blingy Nike Sprint Sisters (okay I know they sell ‘em here – I almost purchased the studded silver version from fredsegalfeet.com before I left)…and I love them.