Monday, April 30, 2007

Bestill my Beating Heart

For some Manolo is king (though my personal Style Cartel thinks they're too frumpy) Jimmy Choo's do it for others (personally I find them to be be kinda eh for the money), we can almost universally agree on Louboutin's (but those knock-offs with the red soles are kinda stealing the Loutboutin thunder)...but for me Gucci rules.
No if and or buts, I adore the borderline hoochie-vecchia-ness, the soaring heels, the perfect flats and boots so good, they'll make you wanna smack your mama. So, today while attempting to covertly shoe shop while at work (and squeeze in a lil real work in the process), I was checking out the ELuxury sale in one window and reviewing the site in another, when worlds collided....why didn't anyone tell me that you can get custom Gucci Shoes???
Custon Cobblers on
...oh yeah and a bunch of other comapanies do to...

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Snake & Sling

I discovered these while attempting to covertly shoe shop while at work, so the window was really small when I saw them and also while the Scoop site has too many things I want to buy besides these shoes including this and this - the flyout dropdown in the navigation sucks - especially when you're attempting to covertly shoe shop at work, so it took me like three tries to even find the link to shoes...but alas, I prevailed and found these ultra scarpe by Stuart Weizman.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shiny Shoes

If I were to buy another pair of spring scarpes right now, I’d buy these. There’s something soooo spring about patent leather. I think that my absolute favorite childhood scarpes were always patent leather, shiny and sweet and never to be worn on the daily…therefore ultimately making them superior to all other shoes – as are these, for now at least.
Miu Miu
Flat Slingback
$340.00 at

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Practical is for losers

So, it seems like its been raining for like a week now. It really sucks. I am sooo very ready for spring and warm weather and open-toed shoes, and not wearing socks for like 4 months. I feel tremendously short changed as I made my seasonal Starbucks switch from cappuccinos to iced quad macchiatos like a month ago, and the frigid temps and unrelenting rain have forced me to revert back to hot caffeinated beverages and practical shoes which keep my feet both dry and warm - like I said, this sucks.

Also, it seems like the hoards of the fashion-misguided have en masse switched from their annoying ass ballet flats to their annoying ass wellies. For the record, I really don't have a problem with wellies, I even own a bright red pair, but it just doesn't seem right - full grown women parading around in brightly colored plastic boots - its a lil Lolita-esque, but with an unflattering fashion flair....which is why my scarpes of the day are pretty, sparkly and totally impractical (for today at least) because practical shoes are for old people and losers.
Devotte Corral Low Heels
$288 at Steven Alan

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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I kinda feel like my scarpe obsession may be waning a bit – walking from my scarpe Mecca Anbar, I decided that I’m not going to buy anymore shoes until fall. This is a departure from my normal mode of thinking… “I’m only going to buy two pairs of boots this winter” was a fleeting thought last fall, and honestly I can’t keep track of how many pairs of boots I really purchased, but I’m damn sure it was closer to 10 – geez; it actually, physically hurts to type that.

So, as far as spring scarpes go, the count already stands at around 3, and it’s still cold outside. In spite of my wishful thinking that I may have the willpower to not buy more shoes this season (and next) I really want a pair of black patent leather, pointy toed flats and now thanks to Barney’s, I want these too. I know they’ll make my feet sweat, and that they could potentially be really painful on hot days, but damn it I want them anyway.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Ballet Flats
$150 at

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I have a fascination with slightly tacky footwear. One of my favorite pairs of shoes - of all times was a pair of high, crushed-velvet, bright red sandals, which I wish I had right now. So sparkly, shiny, hair calf, five-inch, mirrored = good. Hence a shoe collection which includes white hair calf boots, silver Guccis on a 5-inch heel, high-heeled gold knee-high boots, Pucci moonboots and the list goes on and on...So, in spite of recent hatred of round toed flats (specifically the ones that look like fake ballet slippers) the sheer borderline hoochie vecchia-ness (but in a good $500 way) of these shoes is kinda irresistible to me.
Jean-Michel Cazabat Leopard Flats
$495 at Shop Bop

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back In The Saddle

I’ve been off my scarpe game lately. I skipped a coveted Nike ID Studio appointment, ‘cause I just wasn’t in the mood to design luxe, custom kicks – really the thought is just scary. I haven’t even been to my own personal Shangri-La – Anbar Shoes in a really long time. I really thought I was losing it – until I remembered my favorite quirky online shoe store – Office…then I found these – slightly odd, non-labely, completely cute, and I will most likely hurt my ankle in some oddly painful way while wearing them – so of course I love them.
Winsome Wedge at Office

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